How to Maintain a Clear Skin with 4 Simple Steps

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Did you ever come across on how to maintain a clear skin with 4 simple steps? If not, you can check out this below article. Skin is the most largest and complex organ in our body. Every minute our body loses thousands of dead cells and replaces them by continuously generating new skin cells. Skin is a protective layer which plays a vital role in keeping us healthy. Maintaining a clean and clear skin helps to increase your self-esteem and confidence. Our lifestyle has a great and immense effect on our skin. Taking lot of stress, eating junk and fatty food, too much exposure to sun and other hormonal changes makes your skin dull. That is the reason why we have to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Here are few simple steps you must take care everyday. This will give you a clear and spot free skin all the time. So lets find out how to maintain a clear skin with 4 simple steps.

Maintain a Clear Skin with 4 Simple Steps


Drink Enough Water

Water is the best medicine to maintain a clear, healthy and glowing skin. Drinking plenty of water will make the skin supple. You must drink atleast 8 glasses of water per day. Water should never be an option, since it is the key to hydration. Water helps to moisturize your skin, and flushes the toxins to clean your body from inside.

Sleep Well

You must have enough sleep, as the skin cells rejuvenates and heal themselves. Sleeping properly lowers your stress levels and avoid your skin from dry, dullness. Try to get at least 8 hours of sleep with your back facing the bed, because when you sleep on your side ways or facing your pillow then the bacteria on that pillow might spread to your face. Also remove your make up before going to bed and wash your face with a mild soap.

Be Hygienic!

Wash your face at least twice a day, One after you wake up in the morning, and next before going to bed. This removes the dirt from your skin and makes it feel fresh. Always maintain your things tidily and keep your pillow covers, hairbands neat and clean. We should keep our hair neat and clean, as greasy hair can make the skin oily. We should keep changing your pillow cover regularly, and clean our hands before we touch our face. Because our hands might contain lots of bacteria, which might lead to blemishes. Eat healthy food which have high concentration of flavonoids. Make sure you have a balanced diet chart with Fresh fruits like strawberries, oranges, etc and vegetables like beans and green leafy vegetables. Always stay away from junk and oily foods.

Exercise Daily!Exercise

To have a healthy beautiful skin, you must exercise regularly. Exercising regularly for about 30 minutes to 1 hour can improve your blood circulation. When you exercise, your skin produces sebum, which acts as a natural moisturizer and cleanses your skin from inside. It helps to remove the waste and harmful toxins from your body. As the blood flow increases, it helps to carry all the nutrients and oxygen to the cells of your skin.

You should always maintain your ideal weight as it keeps your skin healthy and vibrant. If you are overweight then it might also affect your skin by leading problems like acne vulgaris.Regular exercise not only keeps us healthy but also helps to decrease the stress levels. Apart from these simple steps, you can also try few Home made face packs, which will keep you skin health and fresh.

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