Healthy Foods for Fighting Cancer – Top 10 Natural Foods

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Cancer is medically known as Malignant Neoplasm. Its a wide group of in-differential diseases, all involving irregular cell growth. Cancer has no notable symptoms or signs. The only thing that can be observed is continuous blood mass growth or ulcerates. Few symptoms are specific and occur frequently, but by general tendencies of human body they cannot be called cancer’s. The findings result on on the type and location of cancer. Some of us fight by medicating, but essentials are healthy foods for fighting cancer. There are many causes that can result to cancers. The causes are primarily environmental conditions and secondarily genetics. Common environmental factors that contribute to cancer are:

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  • Infections on body
  • Radiation (can be cellular or nuclear)
  • Stress
  • No physical activity
  • Pollution

Cancer makes the life miserable and painful. It takes all the strength left and the person just becomes a straw on bed. Frankly, only the will power and positive attitude can help a person to dawn from cancer dusk. These people need to be very careful, and they need the attention as taken for the new born babies. The health of these people is regulatory. They are to be fed with healthy foods for fighting cancer, so that they can be active are respond greatly write my essay for me for medication.

Healthy Foods for Fighting Cancer

One of the good things is, god made the plants for a greater specific purpose. They are not just to fill our deck bags. They are packed with great amount of medicinal content. The medicinal values of each plant are available in the form of vegetables or fruits, which we consume every day. Yes, these vegetable’s, fruit’s or the plant itself can help us cure a lot of diseases. No matter what but, the plants can at least help us regain our lost strengths and make us feel with energy. Cancer is one amongst those diseases that can be fought by plants for us. There are many vegetables or fruits that are rich in taste, great in potential and importantly these are those healthy foods for fighting cancer. Note: These vegetables help the effected person to be healthy and can cure bits of Cancer. Please do not ignore the medication. Taking proper medication with healthy foods can be short curing and life lasting. Some of the healthy for fighting cancer are:


Avocado’s have more potassium than found in bananas. This fruit is rich in vitamins B, E, K. Avocados intake can primarily lower the blood cholesterol levels. It is a energy booster which improves the nutrition levels in the body. It has aliphatic acetogenins which makes it a potential cancer fighter.


It is a form of cabbage. It has high amount of beta carotene, vitamins K, C, lutein. It has its riches as calcium. Kale restores bone strength and white blood cells quantity. It has sulforaphane, a chemical which fights cancer.

Seaweeds and Sea Vegetables

The edible sea weeds are algae that can be eaten and used in preparation of food. They contains a complete package of proteins. These vegetables contain high amount of iodine. Its riches are calcium and magnesium. These improve the body condition and help in natural medication.

Healthy Foods for Fighting Cancer


Liquorice is the root of Glycyrrhiza glabra which is sweet in flavour. It is some what related to beans and peas. The compounds like glycyrrhizic acids which solves the hyperkalaemia. This should be taken in limit. Over dose of liquorice can lead to hypokalaemia and serious high blood pressures. This is a specialist curator of kidney cancers of ureteral cancers.

Healthy Foods for Fighting Cancer


It is a member of Lignum family. It is extensively grown in Egypt areas. These contain high amount of dietary fibre and lignin’s, an abundance of micronutrients and omega-3 fatty acids. They help in lowering the cholesterol levels and purification of blood. It also cures sever diabetes.


The natively tropic plantation which is been into medication since ancient times. The evidences prove that these have been into use since 400BC. This is an instant energy booster. It has fibre that enables good digestion. It solves the problems of ulcers which can primarily be the reason for stomach cancers.

Healthy Foods for Fighting Cancer


It is largely grown in the fields of America. Its sweet and very rich in potassium. It is rich in provitamin A, carotenoids, Vitamins B, C. Even the skin of papaya is very high in medicinal contents. It helps in clearing digestion related problems, conditions kidneys and livers.

Healthy Foods for Fighting Cancer

Green Tea

Green tea has become more widespread in the west where black tea has been a tradition. It is much preferred to general tea. It has enzymes, amino acids, lipids, polyphenols, and what not. A cup of green tea every day can condition it to be perfect. It helps in reduction of breast, prostate, ovarian, endometrial cancers.

Healthy Foods for Fighting Cancer


It is also called Yuca, Mogo, Manioc, Mandioca or kamoteng kahoy. It is essentially a carbohydrate source, rich in proteins, amino acids, and other essential acids. It cures bone cancers spy app for iphone or spinal cancers.

Healthy Foods for Fighting Cancer


Its a perinail herb rich in carnosic acid, rosmarinic acids, caffeic acids, ursolic acids which help in clearing the throat and lung cancers. It is very medicinal and also clears allergies spy phone software free uk related to lungs and esophagus.

Healthy Foods for Fighting Cancer

Not only these vegetables or fruits, but also there are many more which are used daily like carrots, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, black tea, red grapes, black raspberries, oranges, lemons, nuts, mushrooms, garlic. Follow proper diet and take regular fruit drinks that can regulate body temperature and help in boosting the energy levels instantaneously. These are not only those essential healthy foods for fighting cancer, but also help in clearing other allergies. These help us tone the body and stay healthy.

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