benefits of flax seeds
Why Flax Seeds are Important For Your Heart, Hormones and Body?

With the rising emphasis on fitness and healthy eating, a tiny seed has come in to much prominence- Flax or Linseed, also known as “Alasi” in Hindi. The benefits of Flax seed are numerous and this tiny brownish seed is packed with micronutrients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and healthy cholesterol that help fight several ailments such […]

Healthier Beverages
6 Solid Reasons Why You Should Eat Organic Food

Once found only in the farmers markets, the organic food trend is gaining momentum as people are becoming more and more conscious about what’s on their plate. They don’t want to add any more toxins and chemicals to the body or the environment, and organic food is a definitely the safest bet for them, because […]

19 Healthy Late Night Snacks to Control Craving – List of Tasty Foods

Eating healthy food is almost everyone’s dream. Though we like to munch on tasty unhealthy food sometimes, this will result in the accumulation of unwanted fat and an unhealthy body. After a few days you will feel stressed and depressed due to this unhealthy lifestyle. Putting a few extra kilos will bring a massive change […]

Healthy Fast Food Choices at KFC, McDonald’s & Subway Restaurants

Whenever we go out with friends it is common to eat out. You will most probably hop into a fast food joint, as your friends would force you. You cannot say no to them neither can you forgo your diet. For all the people who have lots of friends and love hanging around with them, […]

8 Best Health and Beauty Benefits of Dark Chocolate – High Nutrition

People usually eat nutritious foods and salads to keep themselves fit and healthy. Most of us miss the basic pleasure of eating a normal chocolate, due to fear of extra calories and unwanted sugars. Your commitment to healthy life sometimes means you have to let go of sweets and chocolates. So what if there was […]

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