10 Amazing Benefits of Argan Oil for Your Skin and Hair

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Argan oil, extracted from the Moroccan Argan tree kernels is known to be one of the best sources of Vitamin A, E, anti-oxidants, Linoleic acids, and Omega 6 fatty acids, making it the preferred nourishing agent for hair and skin. Argan oil can be safely used in its pure form as a natural remedy for infections, inflammation, and several skin conditions.

benefits of argan oil

Argan Oil has been traditionally mined as a traditional practice in Morocco by removing the Argan kernel pulp for sun drying to produce rich Argan oil as part of the cottage industry. Commercially, Argan Oil is prepared from kernels which have not been roasted. The organic Argan Oil available in the market is cold pressed and unfiltered, most suitable for skin, are and external application on the hair and scalp.

The nuts of the Argan tree, scientifically known as Argania Spinosa, when pressed for pure organic Argan Oil have numerous benefits locked inside their golden brown drops, and can provide amazing nutrients and protective action for the skin, hair, nails and internal organs.

Benefits of Argan Oil

1. Excellent Skin Moisturizer

excellent skin moisturizer

Argan oil can hydrate and soften the skin to impart a non-greasy look, helping get rid of visible wrinkles, while helping restore elasticity, softness, and glow to your skin. The Saponins present in the oil help protect the natural texture of skin effectively.

Argan Oil can be used on a daily basis in a number of ways by incorporating it In your regular moisturizer, using it as a soap cleanser or even a convenient spray. Sterolins act as incomparable moisturizers in Argan Oil for skin, supporting healthy metabolism of the skin, and helping retain moisture for longer periods. Skin suppleness can be attributed to the unsaturated fatty acids present in it. It is usually available in the market in various forms, as oil lotion or spray, which guarantees optimal retention of moisture and flexibility.

Another option of going about with your regular Argan Oil for skin routine is to use it in the form of soap. Further to creating that protective layer and preventing UV damage, its antiseptic properties help negate the effects of harmful bacteria and germs present on the skin surface.

2. Protective Action against Brittle Nails and Damaged Cuticles and Chapped Lips

action for brittle nails and chapped lips

Argan Oil not only moisturizes the skin, but also takes care of dry and flaky lips, and dry or cracked, hard skin on the feet and hands. Owing to its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory activity, It can be the best remedy for brittle cuticles and nails and a number of infections resulting from their unhealthy condition.

Argan Oil vitamins are best for soft and healthy lips, and help maintain them in a consistently healthy state irrespective of the changing weather conditions. Irrespective of the environment you live in, the liquid gold works just as well to maintain a healthy balance of moisture and nutrients. It also provides a chemical and preservative free solution to help take care of lips in the best possible way. It also works as the best organic remedy to treat dryness and dullness of lips, without the need for any other chemical based lip care product available in the market.

3. Versatile Remedy for Common Skin Conditions

remedy for common skin conditions

Argan oil can help resolve commonly occurring skin conditions including many different forms of eczema, flaky and itchy skin, and damage and dryness causing rough skin. Regular use of the oil for skin can help reduce the occurrence of acne and promote healing for a non-greasy and balanced, naturally vibrant look and feel. The anti-oxidants encapsulated in it can provide healing from inflammation and skin damage from cracking, burning or sore skin. It also serves as a wonderful natural medium to resolve warts, skin tumors, scars and common forms of dermatitis.

4. Protection Against UV Radiation and Harsh Environmental Conditions

UV radiation and harsh environmental conditions

It is especially recommended to use Argan Oil for skin regularly in order to help develop a protective layer against skin damage from sun’s UV radiation and also reverse the effects of sun exposure. This organic oil possesses the necessary nutrients to fade dark spots from sun damage and soften unsightly skin texture. The unwanted skin damage that might have resulted from overexposure to the sun is counteracted by this liquid gold through the process of skin cell regeneration triggered from rich nutrients present in it.

5. Protective Action for Hair

protective action for hair

Argan Oil can coat the hair shaft and prevent all forms of damage from weather and environmental conditions. It not only creates a smooth and silky sheen on every hair strand but also locks in essential moisture to keep them hydrated throughout the day, with a non-greasy texture. Hair can be brushed easily, without worrying about frizzes or split ends.

6. Excellent Agent to Soothe Color and Chemically Treated Hair

agent to soothe color and chemically treated hair

The hydrating and nourishing effects of Argan Oil also work wonders with color treated hair, ensuring that they do not appear dry and lifeless, even after the chemical treatments.

Most people tend to develop dry, brittle hair, which have lost their natural softness and shine from exposure to environmental damage or chemical colorants. To reverse this damage, Argan Oil can be added to your shampoo routine or used as a leave-in conditioner for restoring the quality of hair naturally and in a chemical free manner.

7. Deep Hair Care for Hair Roots and Shafts

deep hair care for hair roots and shafts

To elevate the protective effects of Argan Oil for hair, a considerable amount can be applied to the hair and left overnight as a hair mask, wrapped in a towel, to give the hair and scalp enough time to absorb nutrients and hydrate well throughout the night. Washing with shampoo the next morning will leave hair looking silky, shiny and voluminous throughout the day.

8. Regular Conditioning Regimen for Healthy Hair, Full of Life

Regiment for healthy hair

Using Argan oil for hair can result in more silky, soft and shiny locks, helping you get rid of dry, frizzy hair and split ends while providing the right level of conditioning. It can be incorporated into your daily blow-drying routine to help style your hair well.

Argan Oil is a complete hair treatment package. The Vitamin E contained in it has antioxidants for boosting hair cell growth, moisturizing the scalp and helping prevent dandruff. Regular use of the oil for hair ensures that you have strong, healthy hair, much more manageable than before.

Since the oil is 100% natural, there is no possibility of long-term damage, as is the case with other chemically active styling agents, which achieve results on a momentary basis, but fail to preserve hair health over time.

9. Naturally Available Styling Agent

styling agent

The use of Argan Oil as a styling agent is also very simple. All that needs to be taken care of is that only a modest quantity of oil is used to rub into the hair strands when they are dry and ensure that not too much is used, which might impart a greasy appearance. Once hair is combed after the application of the oil to ensure even distribution, it is ready to be styled in which ever way you might feel appropriate.

Even when styling hair in conjunction with blow drying, Argan Oil can protect hair against heat damage and provide a nourishing layer to help repair any damage that might have occurred. In this way, you can manage hair well to put up with multiple styles on a frequent basis through its protective action.

10. Effective Resolution for Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Pregnancy stretch marks

Argan oil protects against sagging and stretch marks occurring during pregnancy in women by restoring skin elasticity through its key nutrient, Vitamin E. It is the best natural remedy for healthy and hydrated skin during the pregnancy period. Argan Oil can ensure that your pregnancy is a truly rewarding experience for the mother, by taking care of completely eradicating stretch marks, without the slightest risk to the mother or the baby.

The bodies of pregnant women are bound to experience considerable changes due to the stretching that occurs to accommodate the baby physically and the numerous hormonal changes that occur internally. Regular use of Argan Oil during this period can ensure that skin remains well hydrated and supple, and free from stretch mark appearance. It is much more effective than most oils, creams and home remedies intended for stretch mark resolution.

The Vitamin E, Oleic Acid, Linoleic Acid and Polyphenols present in Argan Oil work in combination to eliminate free radicals and bring about healing instantly. They also help reduce inflammation to heal wounds or scratches commonly occurring during pregnancy and also protect the delicate skin texture from sun damage.

Other Important Benefits of Argan Oil for Overall Health

Anti-Inflammatory Properties for Hard to Resolve Conditions

Argan Oil also contains Flavonoids, which are anti-inflammatory in nature, and can be effective in treating a range of conditions in the form of effective therapy for aching and sore joints and muscles. When taken internally, it can effectively take care of a range of conditions arising from the inflammation of the internal organs including unchecked weight gain and metabolic or digestive disorders, urinary bladder dysfunction and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.

In order to resolve internal inflammatory conditions, Argan Oil of the culinary grade must be incorporated in the diet based on sound therapeutic advice. In general, it is known to act as a stimulant for optimal secretion and activity of the digestive juices, helping in the digestive process. It can be used in place of other unhealthy oils as a means of reducing bad cholesterol, by way of blocking its absorption in the digestive tract and intestines.

Anti-Radical and Anti-Cancer Activity

anti radical and anti cancer activity

Due to the antioxidants contained in Argan Oil, it can fight cancer and several forms of chronic diseases, preventing damage from free radicals to the skin and internal organs including the bladder and prostrate. When taken as part of your diet, it has the potential to keep inflammation and infection under check throughout the human system.

This means that you are safe from a number of chronic ailments, mostly associated with an inflammatory component. The anti-cancer activity of Argan Oil is also portrayed through the action of Squalene, an ingredient which is known to prevent cancer and the growth of tumors.

Powerful Immune Booster with Long-Lasting Results

The antioxidant, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory action of Argan Oil work in unison and harmony to ensure the optimal functioning of the immune system. The nutrients contained in the oil stimulate the various parts of the immune system to ensure that an optimal response is promoted in response to all diseases and conditions from common colds or flu to chronic conditions and cancer.

Making the Best Use of Argan Oil for Maximum Benefit

best use of argan oil

In order to receive the most benefits from your Argan Oil, it must be stored away from direct sunlight, in bottles which are sealed to protect from air or moisture. It is quite resistant to turning rancid and often commercially available Argan Oils also contain antioxidants for better preservation, including the oils of pomegranate and rose.

Further, storing it in small bottles is much more preferable than storing it in larger bottles, since this method ensures that the benefits are retained for a longer period. Generally, its shelf life calculates from anywhere between three and six months.

Argan Oil for internal consumption should be taken in the morning and evening to achieve maximum benefit. Usually, a tablespoon twice a day is the recommended dosage. However, Argan Oil might lose some of its beneficial properties when cooked and hence must not be exposed to heat. It is best when consumed with food or as a salad dressing.

When using the oil for all external applications including the skin, hair or nails, and as shampoo, conditioner or leave-in mask, an even application is highly recommended along with the massage for deep tissue action and rejuvenation.

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