8 Golden Rules for Quick Weight Loss – Eat, Workout and Socialize

Reviewed by: | Author: Manoja Kalakanti

You must be really tired of reading long articles that say weight loss in days/month’s span. Here is a promising short one, for the people who really need it. We love to share our 8 golden rules for quick weight loss so that you can be fit and healthy. You must have spent year’s for searching effective methods, diet charts to bring down your weight. You might have followed a lot of fitness, weight loss programs. On observation, the effects of these articulate methods neither result, nor help to find a change. It really feels sick, when all of the efforts did to date was just in vein.

Well the problem with these methods is, people who write them do not undergo the situation you are going through. Those methods are just to fill in pages, and what most of them boast to happen, has no real effect. It’s no different, that people spend most of the time, reading what to do and guess what, they are just confused about what to follow and what not. The reason is one article is made different from another, to just prove the versatility and the and none checks the real-time effect of it.

Before following these 8 golden rules for quick weight loss, I underwent the same situation of following fake stuff online, when I started to think of weight reduction. I was just putting pounds more than what I ideally should be. This made me impatient and really very conscious to move in public. I was going very low in confidence. I explored many methods to help myself and hesitated to meet one for the suggestion. This exploration went on and on. I followed many versatile methods from various versatile articles and found them to be nothing but a short story. I spent most of the time reading ideal charts of weight, BMI’s to know how far to reduce my weight and guess what, just panicking was the result.

So from all my experiences since 3 years, I found that it’s just something to do with shear psychological determination and nothing else. Its not crash diets, it’s not vigorous exercise. And let me not fill in, with much of anticipation and reveal those 8 Golden Rules for Quick Weight Loss, that are helping me to cut down on my weight. So here we go,

8 Golden Rules for Quick Weight Loss

1) Make changes to your lifestyle

Change all those crash diets and intense exercises you have been doing, they don’t let you succeed and even help you to invite troubles, as if we don’t have enough. Just for an idea, put all the routines on a paper, your food habits, exercises, and time of intake, medications for any problems and all such. Because, this will help you to maintain a balanced diet chart to reduce weight. Start reviewing them, and be your own judge. Take the habits that were troubling you out, the diets and strenuous things. Fitness is not determined by temporary changes in lifestyle. The changes and happiness must be constant and permanent. Do all you love everyday and do not resist yourself. Create your own system that you are comfortable with, remember your quest for burning fat and building muscle for a healthy body and put on a limit for everything.

2) Do little exercise every day with good efforts

Every day do some of the exercises including warm-up’s, regularly with a good amount of effort. May be just 20 mins to 40 mins is enough, to shape in for an ideal body. Do not bore yourself with old cardio workouts and aerobics. Do some real exercises like squats, jumps, push-up’s and etc. Just around 10 in each of 2 sets, can really help you cut on weight very easily, this will be possible only if you follow it on a regular basis. Remember that, intensity is much more important to speed in such activities. When you work with right intensity, fat in the muscles starts burning and improves growth of muscle tissue. Its safer to do at home than any place, aerobics with right intensity also helps you reduce weight but, the results aren’t satisfactory because in aerobics, there is much more to concentrate on, than just it. Also concentrate on your acupressure points, which will benefit your body in many ways.

3) Focus on good, nutrition rich food.

When you really start putting some effort towards exercises, it’s obvious that you’ll be draining all your energy. To regain the lost amount of energy for various other activities, take good nutrient substituted foods. Good foods mean like carrots, beat-root, bottle guard, bitter guard, with vitamin substitutes and vegetables with water content. Take good amount of water i.e. around 1/10 the quantity of body mass. Take in less carbohydrate foods or fatty foods, because they fill in the cleared fats. Do not abolish eating them. Take them, but around ones a week. You can also replace fewof your regular meals with healthy kiwi fruit shake recipes or healthy fruit smoothies.

a balanced diet chart

4) Regularly track things you do, and know what to do

When you start performing the program that you designed for yourself, track the things regularly. Create a check-list or a to do list so that you follow the program perfectly. Maintain a book and note the food intake and exercises done. Never skip anything from the to do list. It will be shear injustice done towards one self.

5) Psychological impact and people around you

When you start doing the program, psychologically take it as your daily routine and not any new program. This could help you complete the entire chart perfectly. Be determined to complete the program so that, you have regular results that make you more determined. More importantly the people around you. They are not doing it for you. So even if they laugh, or have superior complex or behave ignorant on what you are doing, just smile at them and continue. Its important of being positive on results and we’ll make them happen. So surround yourself with ultimate positivity and people with such minds.

6) The Tricker

The tricker here is a trainer for yourself. Many just prefer, they themselves being trained. Its good for the initial results, but after bits of time you’d be going easy on yourself. When you get the routine right and taking the program seriously, for the initial phase i.e. for 50% of weight reduction it goes good. To continue later a professional element is needed for perfect shaping up. So it’d be time to spend some efforts out of the house. Do not strain yourself and do the rush part. As told earlier, intense efforts result more than speed. So take it again to the initial part and redesign the program with some extra effort for yourself.

7) Prefer doing it, to saying

Do not just tell people or advertise saying, you are on diet or on weight reduction program. Neither control yourself when offered something nor be stringent in sparing time form original schedule. Do it flexible as life say’s to but, do all what was given to excuse later on in the day. Do not skip schedule. Do not just boast to people, the program every day just skipping it. Do it and then tell one. So just don’t talk about it. Live talking it, by doing it.

8) Spend for your health today

You need not take the burden of medicine manufacturers and doctor’s family. Than spending some revenue for them, spend it for yourself today. Spend on vegetable, fruits, trainer and etc. We prefer this because when you are young, you can even sustain starves for more than 5 days. But the effect of this will be experienced in the later part of the life. We do not want you to face lively miseries, making you a patient. Realize the value of nutritious foods, before its late than ever.

These are the 8 golden rules for quick weight loss. If you follow these things perfectly, you will be surely gifted with good healthy body and peace of mind. Please share your views via comments.

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