7 Simple Steps to Increase Metabolism and Lose Fat Quickly

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Metabolism plays a vital role in our body as it helps our body to burn out the calories regardless of your workouts and diet. People who wanted to lose weight should follow these 7 simple steps to increase metabolism, and burn out their calories in a more effective way. Since many people are against non-vegetarian these days, you can always include vegetarian foods that boost metabolism and helps your body to stay active through out the day. The food which we consume will get digested and converts it into energy or fuel, this energy will be circulated to each and every organ in our body and helps us to get the required nutrients and essential minerals. This process will give us the required energy to remove toxins in our body by keeping our body growth stable.


This process is done through two different phases, where the initial stage will convert the amino acids into proteins, and the later stage will convert the glycogen into glucose. These two phases will help our body to get the required energy and will be able to function it properly.

7 Simple Steps to Increase Metabolism

Exercises, body temperature, hormones and digestion will increase the speed of our metabolism and is not the same with every person. Few people will have high metabolic rate from their childhood itself. Experiments prove that Men will have higher metabolism rate compared to women and they tend to burn out more calories than anyone else. As our age increases, our metabolic rate will decrease gradually and after 40 years of our age, the metabolic rate will decrease by 5% for every ten years. This will lead to various weight and health problems, You can avoid this by following these below 7 simple steps to increase metabolism.

Muscle Building for Metabolism

Our body will burn out the calories not only while workouts, but also while we are rest. People who have good muscle power will burn out their calories while relaxing, as this is due to the high metabolic rate in their body. Regular workouts and natural protein rich foods will help you to gain a good muscle power by keeping your body fit and healthy.

Foods for Metabolism

Even if we are planning for weight loss, it should be done in a healthy way. In order to lose weight most of them will consume very little amount of food and some may even skip their meals. But this will not fetch them with any good result and in fact can decreases their metabolic rate. People who consume less than 1000 calories per day will have low metabolic rate, and people who lose weight by consuming extremely less amount of food will lose their muscle power. This is because our body will not get the sufficient amount of energy and takes its required energy from our muscles. This is an unhealthy approach for weight loss and may also cause various health issues in future. So, in order to lose weight it is always better to consume foods which will increase your metabolism and this helps in burning out more calories in a healthy way.

Simple Steps to Increase Metabolism

Aerobic Exercises for Metabolism

Aerobics is one of most fun workouts to help our body to stay active and burn more calories. Aerobics will not increase our muscle power, but it helps in increasing our metabolism. Regular practice of aerobic exercises will keep us healthy, and people who are not comfortable with aerobics can try other activities like swimming, walking, jogging, dancing and etc.

Water for Metabolism

Drinking more water will help you to reduce your weight quickly. Consume at least 7-8 glasses of water, which will hydrated your body and help you to burn more calories. The natural benefits of consuming water will help you to increase your metabolic rate, and burn fat with a slow and steady process. Remember that our body requires sufficient amount of water, else the chances or decreasing your metabolic rate is very high.

Coffee for Metabolism

Everyone knows that importance of tea and coffee in our daily life. We all enjoy our cup of coffee due to its flavor and taste. Most of us do not know that fact that, after consuming coffee our metabolic rate increases. But over consumption of coffee will again have its own effects on our body.

Small Meals for Metabolism

Everyone loves food and when we see our favorite food in front of us, we can’t resist to eat it. People who eat larger meals will not feel hungry for a longer period. Due to this their metabolic rates decreases. So, even if we like to eat something it should be consumed in a minimal amount. Instead of eating larger meals it is always better to eat small meals for every two hours. In this way we can burn out more amount of calories through out the day.

Simple Steps to Increase Metabolism

Proteins for Metabolism

Our body will burn out more amount of calories while digesting proteins. So, instead of eating a lot of carbohydrates and other junk foods, it is always better to eat healthy and natural protein rich foods. Foods like nuts, fish, eggs, dairy products etc. have higher amounts of protein in them. This will not only increase our metabolic rate, but also helps in muscle building.

These are few 7 simple steps to increase metabolism. If you are planning to lose weight then increase your metabolic rate. This is one of the healthiest way to lose weight.

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