23 Best Tips to Fight Depression – Help Others & Yourself!

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Depression is a highly treatable condition, but some forms of it may not be preventable. It is because depression may be triggered due to a chemical malfunctioning in the brain. The latest medical studies have confirmed that depression can often be alleviated and it can sometimes be prevented with good health habits. There can be many other reasons for the cause of depression. Lack of job, unstable relationships, poor grades, hormonal disorders, increased levels of stress or something else could be seen as the cause. Depression is an isolating disorder, which can ruin relationships.

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People will often find themselves stuck in a situation which they cannot help. They are usually confused and frustrated all the time. If you have a loved one who seems to be depressed you will notice these symptoms. It is extremely important to deal with them as their depression can lead to suicide. In case you are experiencing the symptoms of depression, better consult a health care specialist for proper treatment.

Here are some really helpful tips for you to come out of depression and avoid it as much as possible. Even if you have a friend or colleague who is suffering from this condition, do try to help them out. Depression seeps into the brain and can be a disastrous condition. Treating depression now, is better than regretting later.

Handle Depression in Your Loved One:

Have a loved one suffering from it? Then these are the questions that immediately pop into your mind. Unable to help that person you will be really confused, frustrated and sad yourself. May be you have tried to console them and tried be there for them many a times, but they are just not taking it. But, your support it essential. So here are some tips to help and comfort your loved one.

Always Be There for Them

The best thing you can do for your loved one is to be there. When someone is struggling with depression, the healing moments will be experienced in your company. Just sit next to them and listen while they pour out their feelings. Tell them how important they are to you and make them feel better. Your presence can make all the difference.

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A Small Gesture

If you would want to bring them out of depression do something nice for them. Cooking a meal, sending a recorded message or a greeting card are some ideas. These little gestures will make them feel loved and happy.

Don’t Criticize

Since you are close to them, you need to be careful with your words. Your words will have a strong impact on their mind. Bring out the positive; show them that you are supporting them. Don’t say anything that is disagreeable. Try to convince and console them as much as you can. Choosing your words carefully is a great challenge. They may even shut you out of their life and become lonelier by the words you use.

Don't Criticize

Avoid Being Tough

You may tend to think that if you are tough with your loved one, they will undo their depression. It is a completely wrong assumption. Try to avoid using rude language, avoid silence and don’t push their boundaries. It is just a more harmful and hurtful approach. It never works and may have the worst reactions.

Avoid Advice

It is a natural thing to give advice to your loved one, but trying to fix their heart ache with advice will result in inferiority. It is true that people with depression need guidance, but when you do that they feel insulted and incapable to make up their own mind. The better option would be to ask your loved one what you both can do to fix the situation. They may ask for help and then the guidance can be given.

Avoid Advice

Don’t Compare

Don’t say that you know how depressed people feel, unless you have experienced depression in your life. The comforting episode will be cut short and leave your loved one in despair. Instead try to understand the root cause of their depression.

Be Extremely Patient

When you are extremely patient with your loved one, they will trust you more. They will be sure that you are there for them no matter how long it will take for the cure. It is the least you can do from your side. It is what they will be looking for.

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You will be an incredible gift to your loved one if you can do so. Just make sure you are there and you will stay with them, no matter what. By doing this you can be sure that your loved one will come out of depression majorly because of your help. Don’t play with their emotions.

Avoid Depression From Seeping Into Your Life

If you feel depressed in life, you need to take care of yourself. It is for the best to take immediate action before the depression increases. Some important tips to avoid depression are:


Take a brisk walk every day for 30 minutes, or do something to pep yourself up. Dancing, biking, jogging are some good exercises to keep your mind fresh and active. Any kind of exercise that will relax your mind is good to follow. Usually depressed people don’t like being active, so kill laziness.

walking types

You can ask a friend to help you out, to come around for a walk or so. You will definitely see a change of mood if you exercise regularly. Some yoga poses or aerobics can relive you from the feeling of depression. Breathing exercises are great to keep you mind diverted.

Learn About Your Troubles

It is important to identify your problems in order to know what is troubling you. However, you should not dwell in them, just talk to a caring friend and release the feeling of depression. By talking you can release your feelings and receive some kind of understanding about the situation.

express your feelings on paper

In case, you don’t trust anyone with your feelings; pour out your heart on a piece of paper. After expressing your feelings, you can move onto to something positive. It is important to deal with the situation by sharing it with friends or family members who will help you come out of it.

Express yourself

Move away from depression by expressing yourself in different ways. Your creativity may seem to be blocked, so try to paint, draw, doodle, sew, write or even compose music, according to your taste. You can even watch a funny movie and laugh. Laughter will help to lighten your mood. Play with your friend or pet to keep yourself happy.

Eat Well

If you are depressed it can affect your appetite. Some people over eat in depression and the others don’t feel like eating at all. Getting a good nutrition is essential. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables everyday to keep your mind healthy and active.

Snacks You Can Eat at Night

Focus on the Brighter Side of Life

Depression affects the thoughts of a person. Everything feels negative, hopeless and dismal. So focus on the goodness of life and try to bring out the positives.

Proper Sleep

Sleep is extremely important for a balanced and healthy body. If you lack sleep, the negative thoughts may aggravate. Get enough sleep and disable negative thoughts. Don’t sleep too much or too less. Have a bed time routine (you should sleep at the same time and wake up at the same time everyday). This will make a healthy sleeping cycle and your body will function properly.

why sleep is important

Focus on Grooming

When you are depressed you often feel neglected and don’t bother about your physical appearance. Grooming can play a major role in reducing depression. If you look good you feel good. Maintain a hygienic environment and bathe regularly. Take some time to dress yourself and look good. Find all the good things about yourself and leave behind the bad ones.

Keep Yourself Busy

Keeping yourself busy is needed to prevent negative thoughts. Do something you like and enjoy, concentrate on it. Don’t be alone, hang out with your friends and keep your mind away from sorrow. Take care of your pets, cook for yourself, invite an old friend home or watch a movie in the theaters, anything that will need your concentration. Better yet, plan your days. Make a time table for yourself and follow it every day. If you enjoy gardening then why not plant a new sappling.

keep yourself busy

Trusted Friends and Family Members

Share your feelings with the people you love and trust. Ask them for the help and support, they will always be ready to help.

Help Others

This can be a great way of dealing with your depression. Help people going through a tough time in life. This will move your concentration from your problems to theirs. You can also join a support group for depression to reduce your isolation. This will help you encourage people with depression. You can share advice, encourage each other and share experiences with one another.

help others

Be Positive

Living in depression will not help you out in anyway so try this form of meditation. Just sit back and look at all the positives in your life. You can think about your wife or husband, your children or your parents, people who need your presence in their life. In the beginning you will find only a few, but as you experience life you will notice many coming your way. Your unhappy thoughts need to be replaced with happiness and joy and sweet memories.

Be Positive

Change the Scenery

Change the environment to change your mood. Clean up your room, decorate it with happier things. If you like to throw in some color or stick up some motivating quotes, do it! Add a few more lights or put on your favorite bed sheets. Whatever you would love to see in your house, get it.

Avoid Big Decisions

Avoid taking major decisions; forget that you are an adult with a bunch of stuff in mind. Big decisions are extremely stressful to make – whether they are good or bad. Don’t overheat your head with these decisions. You will feel like a new person after all these changes. However, give some time for the mind to cool down and then come back to it.


Prescribed Medication

In case you have a medication given by doctors, find out about it. Is it safe to use? What are the side effects? Report back to your doctor in case you feel that something is going wrong with it.

Avoid alcohol and drugs

Consumption of alcohol and drugs can strain your mind even further by making it weak. This can aggravate your depression further. They are very harmful and doctors have recommended staying away from them. They may also combine with the prescribed medication and cause unavoidable reactions in the body.

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Credit: utor2u.net

Getting the support you need is quiet difficult as you may not be able to trust anyone. However, trying to overcome depression on your own is quiet challenging. People with depression usually find it hard to reach out for help. But, loneliness and isolation will push you into deeper depression. It is thus, very important to maintain close relationships and your social activities going.

Maintain a Journal

Fight depression by writing your thoughts in a journal. Keeping a journal in your depression will help you express your darkest thoughts. Your dairy will become your best friend. Just write on all your thoughts. No one will judge you of what you write and you can fight your depression easily.

Maintain a Journal

To come out of depression you need to try a few things. If you have an urge to cause self harm, wear a rubber band around your wrist. Popping the rubber band against your wrist will help in giving you the feeling of self harm. Don’t keep you depression in the dark. Talk to friends and family about it. It may seem a little embarrassing at first, but you will get a great help from them. Everyone is different and special in their own way. Don’t compare yourself to others.

Don’t feel inferior or dominated. Make a good group of friends who give ear to your suggestions and advice. Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Exercise and eating healthy are not just a part of weight loss; they are also the secret for good mental and physical health. Give more time to yourself and enjoy what you like to do. Don’t do anything out of pressure or force. In case you feel uncomfortable about something, let your loved ones know. You aren’t alone there are many who are ready to help. Open your mind to situations and stop blaming yourself for everything that happens around you. Always try to smile by overcoming depression. Hope you feel good after following these tips.

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