14 Homemade Tomato Face Packs for a Glowing Skin – Do It Yourself Packs

Apply what you eat! Sound weird? It’s actually true; what’s good to eat should be good to apply as well on your face! That’s not because it is a cheaper option, it’s healthier too, and as you can take care of your skin minus the chemicals and additives you find in conventional skin creams. Say,...

Eat magnesium-rich foods
Everything about Magnesium Deficiency and How to Avoid Chronic Diseases

We get so hot and bothered about chronic diseases that we seldom give importance to nutritional deficiencies. This deficiency, ironically, in the long run, happens to be the cause of most chronic diseases. Magnesium deficiency is one such problem which we all ignore but it is, as some experts say, the single largest health problem...

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