Soft Drinks Impact on Health – The Most Dangerous Effects on Body

We overwhelmingly order Soft drinks or Soda cans as a part of the meal. It’s a proven fact, that today’s youth mostly prefers Soft drinks or Soda cans to fresh Fruit juices. The ratio of beverage drinks to fresh fruit juices ordered is 70:1. Many of us just take spy cell phone this number as common as people preferring to drink water. This ratio is a part of universal survey which even says that this ratio changes to 200:1 in metro’s and is still moving up exponentially proving that Soft Drinks Impact on Health is getting adverse day by day.

Soft Drinks

Soft Drinks Impact on Health:

Rise in the number of people preferring beverage drinks to fruit juices also shows a rise in the number of new side effects. People prefer it not to be said, but every day thousands of people are being admitted in hospitals, just due to over consumption of these beverage drinks. To know how soft drinks impact on health, lets see some of the common issues found in people who regularly consume these drinks :


  • Popularly found in most of the soda consumers.
  • Sodas contain Sodium Benzoate which is used as a preservative to control microbial growth.
  • Sodium preservatives get mixed with order essay online the diet and reduce the content of potassium in our body.
  • This increases the chances of Rash’s, research papers on language teaching Asthma, and eczema.

Survey facts:Every day 370 people die of asthma resulted from major research project topics in hr these beverage products

Dissolves Tooth Enamel:

  • Soft drinks contain high reactive solvents, which when mixed with saliva, or stomach’s digestive acids become acidic in nature.
  • This start’s effecting immediately, in the next second of consumption.
    Soft Drinks Impact on Health
  • Due to such fast and spy cell phone strong action our mouth and teeth get affected.
  • It is observed that each sip of beverage drink damages the enamel of teeth by 2%.
  • The skin in the mouth and esophagus is as sensitive as of a newly born baby.
  • The effects of soda preservatives develop Rash’s on this skin.
  • These rash’s make it more difficult, even to have regular diet.

Survey facts: The annual estimation cost for people getting treated on dental problems as a result of these beverage products is Rs. 450 Cr.

Heart Diseases:Heart Diseases

  • It has been recently under scrutiny.
  • The beverage drinks contain fructose corn syrup, which has been associated with an increases risk of metabolic syndrome.
  • This condition elevates risk of both Diabetes and Heart Diseases.

Survey facts: 1 out of 40 death’s every day are caused by heart strokes as a result of using beverage products.

Sugar Overloading:Sugar Overloading

  • This phenomenon is observed after few minutes of consumption of these beverage drinks. After around 20 minutes of consumption of beverage drink our blood sugar spikes up, causing an Insulin Burst.
  • At this point Liver acts by converting every sugar molecule into fat.
  • After 40 minutes caffeine absorption will be complete.
  • This dilates pupils, increases blood pressure which results in liver dumping more sugar into bloodstream.
  • This blocks the adenosine receptors in brain that prevents drowsiness.
  • 45 minutes later the dopamine production is increased, which stimulates the pleasure centre’s of the brain.
  • Generally this effect is observed in Heroin consumers.

Survey facts: Approximately 1 in every 10 rupees spent on medication is for diabetes.

Kidney Issue

Kidney Issues:

  • Some of the beverage drinks contain phosphoric acids.
  • These phosphoric acids effectively disturb the digestive system and supportive organs.
  • The digestive system is linked to Kidney’s.
  • Phosphoric acid’s increases the chances of formation of stones in kidney’s and other renal problems.

Survey facts:If you are a male and even obese, stop consuming these beverage products. You have more increased chances of getting the stones in kidneys, than a general beverage consumer.

Reproductive issues:

  • The soda cans are coated order essay online with resin for great look and shine on it.
  • This resin contains BPA(Biphenyl – A) this is the same cancer causing chemical found in plastic baby bottles, water bottles and tinned food can’s.
  • This weakens the endocrine system, potentially causing premature puberty and reproductive abnormalities.

Reproductive Problems Survey Facts: 9 out of the 10 produced Soft Drinks Impact on Health which can be most dangerous.


  • It is observed that calcium is urinated along with phosphoric acids, by the consumption of these beverage juices and Soda’s.
  • This leads to Osteoporosis which is the weakening or depriving of bones.
  • Then deficiency of calcium is observed, which is one of the important mineral of the body.


Survey Facts:1 in 2 cases of orthopaedic surgeon would be of weak bones and stuff.


  • It’s risky to consume overloads of soda.
  • Researcher’s calculate that for each can of soda consumed extra increases the chance of obesity by 1.6 times.
  • So it is not advised to consume soda regularly.


Survey Facts: 2 in 5 children of the younger generation are found to be suffering from obesity. The increased chances of above problems are mostly found in people who consume beverage drinks and sodas on a regular basis. Most of the medical practitioners and dieticians prefer fresh fruit juices like kiwi fruit shakes, Soft Drinks Impact on Health is very risky. So do justice to yourself by cutting down the consumption of these beverage products.

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